Story Of Trust

Generally in offshore outsourcing business there is no face to face meeting of clients and service provider, in most of case they are communicating via chat, phone, or e-mail, still they work together, they plan together, they share ideas and they build a healthy business relationship for longer period of time. The one of the reason of this long term business relationship is trust. We believe that this business is based on trust, and we can grow very rapidly if we create trust with our clients.

When you work with us, you will see that our work, dedication, and commitment to excellence in our services are more than enough to want you to work with us again.

Let’s share a story of trust

ChandraPrakash Loonker – NJ, USA –
  • Excellent communication.
  • Willing to learn and try new stuff.
  • Accountable and reliable.

Simply he is a mentor for ESH, his suggestions, advices, ideas and brain storming discussions with us, gives us a feeling like branch in India. We are working together since 2006, and our relation with each other growing day by day. We impressed by team punctuality, and regular task update.

Adam Callen – Sydney, Australia – Katana

We feel Katana production has new branch in India. Developers are doing great job. They supplied all level and good talent developers whenever required. Also communication setup is perfect so never feel that they are working remote and seem like they are working in team here.

Michael Ugri – Austria – eBay applications development

Initially we have 1 developer and after few months we allocated 5 dedicated developers who specially working on my projects

I have developers around myself for the last 20 years. First I hired them for my offices locally, than moved to Eastern European ones. With the technological possibilities of the internet outsourcing got more and more comfortable. As soon as possible I deciding to go completely with outsourced task forced and felt instantly enormous freedom and flexibility. It didn´t take too long for me to get offers from India. I tested over 25 companies and teams over there in smaller projects. Most of them failed. Delivery time, low communicational skills and simply low quality work was the reason most of the time. It seemed that the cultural differences have been too strong. It took me a long time and a lot of painful experiences to find the ones I could work with. But consistency and focus helped to get in touch with the right ones. With only 2 of them I have built up a close relationship over the last years. With them I am managing all my projects today, and can grow faster and much more flexible as ever before.

I found the strong responsibility in the leadership of the company I was searching for. Great managing skills and of course outstanding technical and coding knowledge have been the ingredients why we stay and grow together until today and will for who knows how many more years to come. Within the first years we have built up a strong and effective communication and project management structure, which allows us to develop projects very quick and hugely effective today. Our relationship is excellent, and was proved to be trustable even in hard times during the last period. I am very lucky to have found them, and will do my part, to help us all to grow together. If you search for trust, you have found the right place. If you search for competence, you are just right again. There would be much more to say, but it’s the time you find out yourself.


Exceptional coder! Yasin Sama and his team knew exactly what I wanted. They were more than willing to make changes till I’m satisfied. I will definitely work with them again in my next project. Keep up the good work!

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