eBay to Opencart item import extension

  • The extension helps you to import all your ebay store products to opencart.
  • It inserts and display automatically to your opencart store easily.
  • It is user friendly and easily to understand and can easily work with it.
  • Required Vqmod extension
  • Download vqmod-2.4.1-opencart.zip from http://openshop.org.ua/opencart.com/vqmod-2.4.1-opencart.zip.
  • Extract ZIP contents to your shop root (like /home/myshop/public_html
  • Navigate with your browser to your shop URL + /vqmod/install
Installation / Configuration
  • Dowload the extension and extract it on root of your store.
  • Login to your OpenCart admin panel.
  • Navigate to System > Users > User Groups and edit your user group.
  • User Group Setting
  • Select ‘ebay/setting’ and ‘seller/itemadd’ in Access Permission for the user group.
  • Select ‘ebay/setting’ and ‘seller/itemadd’ in Modify Permission for the user group and than Save Changes.
  • Permission Setting
  • Navigate to Catalog->Ebay->ebay Setting
  • Then Enter your ‘eBay Site Global Id ‘(eg EBAY-US, EBAY-UK,EBY-IE) and Enter ‘eBay Application Name ‘(eg example-475dg-45eg-6954-dfsdg) see below screen
  • Ebay Import Setting
  • Navigate to Catalog > Ebay > Import Items and Enter your seller id And click on import button.
  • Ebay Items Import

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